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Turkey's Women's Clothing Brand

We continue to create value by blending years of experience in the field of textile and clothing
with the principle of "innovation and difference". The awareness of the dynamic structure in the fashion world is the basis of the services we offer to our valued customers.


OMC Textile; Turkey officially started its activities in the textile sector on 22.09.2010 in Istanbul. Its founder is Hilmi ELMAS. Our company, which stepped into the sector in 1986 with its garment workshop works, has experience in the textile sector for many years as a boutique; with its service understanding focused on customer demands, its production approach that determines today's modern trends and its elite employees, it has also become a model textile company in its sector

OMC TEKSTİL GIDA TURİZM İNŞAAT İTHALAT İHRACAT SAN. AND FOREIGN TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ. went into mass production in the production of textile women's clothing, which it succeeded in factorying, and advanced in its field. Our company, which has made it a mission to grow by producing with the principle of quality with value-added innovations that guide the sector, advances with new solutions that will develop automation in textile with its experienced staff, designs women's clothing that will become a trend and presents them to the whole world.

The reason why OMC Tekstil has a say in its sector and is permanent is based on the satisfaction-oriented service approach that puts the customer in the center. While our company continues on its way with sure steps in this direction; Our customer focus has made our company a reliable, pioneering and strong institution in its sector. In this direction, OMC Tekstil is proud of being the rising value of its sector in the design and production of women's clothing (T-shirts, tunics, dresses, suits, leggings, tracksuits) in the international market.

Our biggest mission is to continue our struggle to stay as a company that reinforces its prestige and reliability with the quality and stability of women's clothing production in Turkey and internationally. In addition, we are aware of the fact that staying as a pioneer value in the sector that is customer-oriented, aware of social responsibility, sensitive to the environment and loyal to its values in line with the principles and targets it has determined will add strength to us.

We know that the stance of a company that leaves a mark in all our relationships, communication and professional approaches in our domestic and international business partnerships suits us very well, along with our goal to have a say in our sector and to be permanent. The fact that the women's clothing models we produce with this vision are perfect in quality and that they are liked and demanded by all segments reinforce our prestige and reliability.